Leading South Korean Hydrogen Energy Start-Up Hylium Industries, Inc Heads to the US

25 Jan 2022

Source: MarketWatch

Jan 21, 2022 (MarketersMedia) -- South Korea's leading liquid hydrogen technology start-up Hylium Industries, Inc, will shortly be launching its liquid hydrogen Drone As A Service in the United States. The first product, Hylium Industries' HyliumX, a liquid hydrogen energy-powered drone, will be available to customers during the first quarter of 2022.

The HyliumX is a multi-purpose drone that operates using innovative fuel cell energy that is powered by liquid hydrogen. This new generation drone boasts up to five hours of flight time, which is ten times longer than a Lithium battery-powered alternative. The HyliumX can be utilized in a diverse range of industries, including surveillance and mapping, delivery logistics, precision agriculture, inspection, maintenance, and more. Thanks to its extended flight endurance, alongside an operating distance of over 90 km, the HyliumX can be used for longer than any other drone, resulting in significantly enhanced operating efficiency... [continue reading]

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