Hylium Industries CEO, Seo Young Kim, Receives Venture Startup Promotion Merit Award at 2023 Gyeonggi Venture Startup Awards

15 Jan 2024

December 19,2023 - Seo Young Kim, CEO of Hylium Industires, was honored with the Venture Startup Promotion Merit Award at the 2023 Gyeonggi Venture Startup Awards.


The accolade recognizes Seo Young Kim's pivotal role in propelling Hylium Industries to the forefront of innovation. The award also underscores the collective efforts of the entire team in contributing significantly to the regional startup landscape.

Expressing gratitude, Seo Young Kim emphasized the company's commitment to sustained innovation and positive industry disruption.

As Hylium Industries looks ahead, this award serves as both a validation of past accomplishments and a source of inspiration for future endeavors.

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