Our Team

The creative team behind Hylium Industries is comprised of industry pioneers from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. 


Mr. Josh Schimpf

Senior manager: Cryogenic Design 

North Carolina State University, USA, B. S. (Mechanical Eng.)

University of Science & Technology, Korea, M. S. (Nuclear Eng.)

Mr. Park Gyeongbae

Senior Manager: Research Engineer 

Hiroshima University, Japan, B.S. (Physics)

Hiroshima University, Japan, M.S. (Advanced Sciences of Matter)


Mr. Han Dongwon

Senior Manager: Hydrogen Liquefaction 

KOREA University Ph.D. Cand.

Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, Researcher

Mr. Piotr Stepien

Senior Manager: Structure & Thermal Flow

FEM Simulation 

AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland, M. S. (Mechanical Eng.)


HyliumX Division (Drone)

Mr. Oh, Chang Mook (Shawn)

Senior Manager: Fuel Cell Drone System Development

Chonnam Nat'l University B.S. (Mechanical Eng.)

Korea Univ. M.S. (Mechanical Eng.)

Agency for Defense Development, Researcher

Mr. Nikitas Ioannidis

Senior Manager: Power electronics and Control System Development

Democritus University of Thrace B.S., M.S. (Electrical & computer Eng.)

Technical University of Denmark M.S. (Electrical Eng.)


Mr. Park, Sung Hun 

VP : R&D Center

Dongguk University B.S. (Electronic Eng.)

Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology M.S. (Materials Science Eng.)

Mr. Oh, Sung Jin

Senior Manager: Mechanical Design

Andong University, B.S. (Physics)

Mr. Jang, Dong Hyun

Senior Manager: Thermoelectric Application Module Design

University of Seoul M.S. (Mechanical Information Engineering)

Mr. Yoon, Seong Min

Senior Manager: Quality Control 

Seoul Nat'l University of Science and Technology B.S. (New Materials Eng.)

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