Hydrogen Storage & Transportation Tanks

Liquid Hydrogen Storage Tanks

Efficient vapor exhaust cooling system 

Boil-off rates of less than 4% / day

Compact construction and patented pressurization system 

Super insulation with guaranteed vacuum life of over 5 years

50 L Liquid Hydrogen Storage Tank

930 L Liquid Hydrogen Storage Tank


Net volume50 - 200 L 
Total volume 52.4 - 210 L
Tank weight 89 - 186 kg 
Boil-off rateMax. 4.0% / day 
Operating pressure3 bar 
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure10 bar


Net volume884 L
Total Volume930 L
Tank weight 465 kg 
Boil-off rateLIN: 1% /day
Operating pressure4 barg 
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure 7.2 barg

Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Tanks

Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Tank for Drones


Lightweight Liquid Hydrogen Tank for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.


Net volume5 - 10 L 
Total volume 6 - 12 L
Tank weight 2.0 - 4.5 kg 
MaterialStainless steel, Titanium alloy
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure
5 barg

LH2 Fuel Tank for Drones (110 L)

LH2 Fuel Tank for Automobiles (40 L)

LH2 Fuel Tank for Automobiles (100 L) 

LH2 Fuel Tank for Maritime (600 L)

Liquid Hydrogen Bulk Tanks and Trailer Storage

Liquid Hydrogen road tanker with customer specified tank, axles, running gear, valves and pipework systems. The most cost effective solution for storage and transportation of hydrogen infrastructure.


Design pressure3 - 12 barg 
Storage capacity 3,000 - 39,000 L (200 - 2,500 kg) 
DesignSpecially designed to fit into a 40 ft container 
Pressure / Delivery system Differential pressure or pump 
Tank weight2 - 12.5 tons 
Boil-off rate< 1.0% / day 
Design approvalsCGA, TPED, ASME, NFPA, ADR, DOT, KGS, etc.

LH2 Bulk Storage Tank (2,500 - 16,000 L) 

LH2 Storage Tank (1,500 L)

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