Liquid Hydrogen Mobility


Hylium Industries' HyliumX is a hydrogen fuel cell powered drone operating on liquid hydrogen. With a power pack that combines ultra-light liquefied hydrogen fuel tank and PEM fuel cell, the HyliumX has a flight endurance of up to 5 hours. 


UAV dimensions (W*L*H)749 * 792.5 * 597.5 mm
Weight 16 kg
Deployment time5 mins
Flight timeup to 5 hours
Flight distance
10 km 
Charging time5 mins
Payload4 kg

Mobile Ground Control Station (mGCS)


Hylium Industries' Mobile Ground Control Station provides the facilities for human control and refueling of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

The mGCS is equipped with a full-scale drone controlling system where you can determine the drone's flight trajectory and remotely examine drone operations.

The mGCS has a built-in hydrogen  refueling system that allows for swift drone refueling aboard the vehicle.

Liquid Hydrogen Power Pack


The Liquid Hydrogen Power Pack combines ultra-light liquefied hydrogen fuel tank and Proton exchange membrane fuel cell. The technology creates high efficiency energy that is perfect for military, infrastructure, agriculture, delivery and many other types of drones. 

High energy density

x10 longer flight endurance

(compared to Li battery)

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