Acubite TED Seat Comforter


The Acubite TED Seat Comforter's patented technology offers both heating and cooling functions, allowing for maximum comfort on the road. 


Operating Voltage Range :

        DC 10V~16V / 20V ~ 32V

Operating Temperature Range:

        -20℃ ~ +80℃

Cooling Mode (ᇫT) : MIN -10℃

        (38℃, TED loading voltage 6V/12V)

Heating Mode (ᇫT) : MIN 48℃ 

        (-20℃, TED loading voltage 12V/24V)

Patented technology

Combined heating and cooling solution

Improved heat transfer

You can find the Acubite TED Seat Comforter in...

DIY product

*Vehicle image source: Hyundai Motor Group

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