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1. Research Institutes and Universities – Liquid hydrogen, liquid hydrogen research, cryogenic storage tanks, liquid helium recovery systems, vacuum transfer lines



  · KAIST, Hongik University

2. Defense, Security – Liquefied hydrogen fuel cell power pack for UAVs, liquid hydrogen fuel supply

 · Army

 · Police

 · Firefighters

3. Car Companies – LH2, LNG storage tank supply

 · Car manufacturers

 · LNG Bus

4. Hospital – Liquid helium storage tanks, vacuum transfer lines


- The importation of liquid hydrogen and liquid hydrogen technologies is inherently difficult due to the various applications in advanced military and space technologies. New domestic industry needs to be developed to supply these technologies.

- Import substitution for liquid hydrogen R&D. Import substitution ensures national independence and security of
military and space technology development.

- Large growth in the military UAV market and development of space launch vehicles will benefit from the
availability of domestically produced liquid hydrogen as a fuel and liquid hydrogen storage technologies.

- UAV’s equipped with liquid hydrogen fuel tanks and lightweight fuel cells as a power pack will be competitive in
the growing global market.

- Avoiding domestic liquefied helium supply disruptions by maintaining a stable supply of liquefied helium
through installation of recovery systems.