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   LH2 Technologies

150 L LH2 Liquefier

 20K (-253C) technologies to produce liquid hydrogen.

Main components:

- GM Cryocooler

- Hydrogen heat pipe 

- Vacuum transfer lines

- Liquid level sensor

- Temperature sensors


Maximum liquefaction rate: 1~2 L/hr @ 3 bar (w/ LN2 pre-cooling and Ortho-Para Converter)

New system: 20 L/h liquefier (2015)


LH2 Liquefier

LH2 Mobile Refueling Station

- Liquefied hydrogen-based mobile hydrogen refueling system

- Contribute to market penetration of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

- Convenient refueling system

- Carrying 300L ~ 2,000L of liquid hydrogen

- Hydrogen gas fueling for 25 vehicles at 700 bars

- Fueling high-purity hydrogen gas (more than 99.99%)


LH2 Drone Power Pack

- Ultra light liquid hydrogen tank for medium and large scale drones
- Liquid hydrogen fuel cell power pack
   ▷ Energy Density: Liquid Hydrogen (5,000~10,000) >> LiS (500) > Li-Po (200)  (Wh/kg)
- Longer time endurance than common Li-batteries
- Operation temperature: -20 ~ 60 C
- Perfect solution for military/emergency/police/agriculture/delivery drones

Drone Flight Endurance

5L ~150L Cryogenic LH2 Storage Vessels

- Two safety check valves

- One rupture disk

- High vacuum insulation

- MLI (Multi Layer Insulation)

- Vapor Cooled Shield Technology



50L LH2 tank

Flexible vacuum transfer lines for all cryogenic liquids.

- Flexible

- Vacuum and MLI (Multi Layer Insulation)

- G-10 internal support

- 40cm bayonets

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