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Subject CEC – Russell B. Scott Memorial Award 등록일 2015.07.02 10:03
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J. H. Baik, S. W. Karng, N. Garceau, Y. H. Jang, C. M. Lim, S. Y. Kim and I. H. Oh,

“Development of 1 L/hr Scale Hydrogen Liquefier Using a Gifford-McMahon Cryocooler,” Advances of Cryogenic Engineering, Vol. 59 A/B (1573): pp. 1357 – 1364


The Russell B. Scott Memorial Awards honor the first head of the Cryogenic Engineering Laboratory of the

National Bureau of Standards in Boulder. Mr. Scott was the founder of the Cryogenic Engineering Conference, the first of which was held in 1954. He is the author the best-selling classic, Cryogenic Engineering. He retired from the National Bureau of Standarda in 1965 after a 37 year career with the Bureau. Mr. Scott died in 1967.

The objectives of the Scott Memorial Awards are to provide an incentive for high quality papers at the Cryogenic Engineering Conference and to provide recognition to those authors, who in the judgment of the CEC board, presented the best paper in each of two categories. The award consists of a certificate and a $500 honorarium.


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